Heather Macklyne (EPSRC Portfolio Manager) Visits Vibration Engineering Section



Earlier this week, the University of Exeter and the Vibration Engineering Section (VES) welcomed Heather Macklyne, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Portfolio Manager, with responsibility for Ground Engineering, Structural Engineering, Built Environment, Infrastructure and Urban Systems.

Heather met with VES and representatives from Innovation, Impact and Business (IIB) at the University where she learnt about the opportunities for growth in infrastructure based research, building monitoring, industry engagement and the influence of Government infrastructure policy on the construction industry.

Additionally, she received an update on the EPSRC funded VSimulators facilities, soon to be built at the Universities of Exeter and Bath and the variety of interdisciplinary research which will be enabled through these unique state of the art facilities and how this will create collaborative opportunities amongst the academic and industrial communities.

Heather Macklyne visited the Living Systems Institute where she delivered presentations providing insights on the EPSRC policies around funding key areas of research and the impact of the newly formed UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). She delivered a talk on Grant Writing, including myth busting insights into how to create the perfect EPSRC funding application and tips on navigating the panel review process. This was followed by 1-1 surgeries with early career researchers, interested in gaining her insights on their proposals.

After lunch at Reed Hall hosted by Professors Ken Evans, Aleksandar Pavic, James Brownjohn, Paul Reynolds and Chris Edwards, along with Shay Sigafoos (Research Manager) and Julie Lewis-Thompson (VSimulators Commercial Manager), Heather was escorted to the VES structural laboratory. Here, she witnessed the active control of induced floor vibrations, through the use of specialist damping equipment, as demonstrated by Emma Hudson, Paul Reynolds and James Bassitt. Additionally, she enjoyed the opportunity to immerse herself in several virtual reality worlds, experiencing insights into the research and industrial based opportunities that will be enabled from building the EPSRC funded VSimulators facilities.

Julie Lewis-Thompson, Commercial Manager for the VSimuators project said: “We are extremely grateful that Heather Macklyne took the time to visit the civil and structural engineering groups at the University of Exeter and look forward to liaising with her in developing future applications to the EPSRC.”

For further information on VES and VSimulators facilities, please contact either Julie Lewis-Thompson (j.a.b.lewis-thompson@exeter.ac.uk) or Katy Manning (k.l.manning@exeter.ac.uk)