Jogging and sway ground reaction force measurement using instrumented treadmill

Civil and structural engineering students from the University of Exeter visited the University of Sheffield’s motion capture laboratory to collect data for their third year projects.

Josephine Benthall, Harry Coulthard, Imogen Duggan, Dominic Self, Volodymyr (Vlad) Osmlovych and James Walton visited the lab, based at the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering.

The aim was to characterise the forces generated by less usual pedestrian activities, and to assess the nature and level of forces that could be generated in a horizontal direction, by one person operating as a ‘vibrodyne’. Using a person as a shaker avoids problems with transporting heavy equipment and electrical power supplies. The figures show a selection of such activities.

UoS lab photo 1

Dominic walking on treadmill

UoS lab photo 2

Imogen jogging

UoS lab photo 3

James shifting weight fore-aft

UoS lab photo 4

Vlad “skipping” laterally

The forces generated by swaying are shown below. The spectrogram shows how lateral forces are generated at half the ‘footfall’ frequency and contain only odd harmonics.

UoS lab data 1

UoS lab data 2

UoS lab data 3

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