Human Perception of Vibration Testing

HPOV 3 HPOV 2 DSC_4233 (00000006) biomechanics_visualisation

These photographs show a current experiment being undertaken in our Structures Lab. This work investigates human perception of vibration in a structure. The vibration serviceability of engineering structures can be rationalised into three parts of scientific problems: The vibration source, the transmission path and the receiver system.

This experiment was about the pedestrian’s perception of underfoot vertical vibrations. It aimed to construct a relationship between the walking student’s subjective sensations and the physical quantities of vertical footbridge vibrations.

This was studied by using cutting edge wearable sensors, a dedicated lab structure to simulate a footbridge, along with electricity driven shakers to excite the vibration of the structure and a treadmill for the students to run on.

The findings of this investigation can be used in engineering design of footbridges and walkways to permit a balance between the construction cost of the structures and the vibration serviceability.

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